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Padel artificial grass

Padel artificial grass

Changing the grass of the padel court

If you have a padel court, it is likely that the grass has degraded over time and needs to be replaced. To ensure that the procedure is appropriate, and that you get the best results, it is essential to consider a few factors before beginning. 

Why does the grass of a padel court wear out?

The grass on a padel court can deteriorate from a variety of causes, especially  frequent use, inclement weather and poor maintenance. The quality of play can be affected, and the risk of injury to players can increase when the turf degrades. The advisable thing to guarantee a perfect surface for the padel is to change the grass.

When is it necessary to change the grass of a padel court?

The frequency of use, the type of grass used and the weather affect when the grass of a padel court should be replaced. To keep the surface in top condition, it is generally recommended to replace the turf every 4-5 years.

For a padel court, what type of grass is best?

There are different varieties of synthetic grass for padel tennis courts available, but not all of them are suitable for all situations. Considerations for choosing the perfect turf for your padel court include climate, frequency of use, level of play, and price range. In general, we recommend a lawn made with polyethylene monofilament yarns because they are strong and durable.

How do you replace the grass on a padel court?

Replacing the grass on padel courts is a complicated process that must be carried out by qualified experts. The procedure involves removing the old turf, setting up the base, and then installing the new turf. To ensure a top-notch, safe playing field for players, it is crucial that the procedure is carried out correctly.

What is the price to re-install turf?

Depending on the brand, the type of grass and the state of the base, the cost of putting grass back on a padel court can vary a lot. Before making a decision, it is crucial to obtain quotes from several specialized companies to compare costs and services.

How long does it take to replace the grass of a padel court?

The state of the base determines the time it takes to replace the grass of a padel court. Typically, the procedure takes two to three days. To properly plan for court availability, communication with the organization in charge of the change is critical.

How should the grass of the new padel court be maintained?

After new turf is laid, it should be carefully maintained to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Crucial care includes:
  • Maintain lawn regularly, including clearing leaves, dust, and other debris.
  • Regulating the moisture content of the turf and making sure it is always dry before use.
  • Shoes with hard or spiked soles should be avoided , as they can damage the turf.
  • To keep the grass fibers even and straight, brush it frequently.
  • Add sand in the areas where you need it

What are the benefits of changing the grass of a padel court?

There are many benefits for the players and for the level of play when a padel court is made of artificial grass. Among these advantages are:
  • Improved pitch quality, allowing for a smoother and safer game.
  • Reduced risk of player injury due to safe, level surface.
  • Improved court aesthetics, which can attract more players and improve the club's reputation.

How can I choose the best business to replace the grass on my padel court?

To get the best results when changing your padel court turf, it is crucial to select a company with industry knowledge and professionalism. When choosing the best business, consider the following:
  • Experience in replacing grass in padel courts.
  • References and customer feedback are readily available.
  • Giving guarantee for the work done.
  • Use of resistant and high quality materials.

Track models

Padel Courts
Wall court for greater intensity and versatility for padel matches

Wall padel court

Welcome to the exciting world of padel, where fun and competition come together in one place. At our company, we pride ourselves on offering you a complete wall padel court installation and constru

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Panoramic luxury export padel court

Panoramic luxury export padel court

The PANORAMICA LUXURY EXPORT court is our ideal panoramic padel court for export, since it further compresses the load and minimizes space, making this model more competitive.

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Basic Sport Court

Basic Sport Court

The SPORT BÁSIC court is our ideal padel court for export, since it compresses the load more and minimizes space, making this model more competitive. It meets the specifications of the Spa

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Track Sport Advance

Track Sport Advance

The SPORT AVANCE court is our best-selling padel court in our catalogue. Ideal for the national market, easy installation and little maintenance. It meets the specifications of the Spanish P

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Padel artificial grass

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